More than 40 species of birds and fish are part of our ecosystem.

Bras del Port is located in Las Salinas de Santa Pola Natural Park, more than 2.500 hectares of land in which, thanks to the salt production activities, a rich, growing and full of life ecosystem is sustained.
Over the years, a perfect balance has been reached in which nature and industry not only coexist, but also benefit during the process itself.


Limonium Santapolense (endemic) • Reed • “Cuernecillo” • Sea Lily Bloom • Crosswort “Crucianella Marítima” • Sea Holly • European Searocket • Yellow Restharrow, • Pines • Aleppo Pines.


Avocet • Black-winged Stilt • Plover • Little Tern • Common Tern • Common Shelducks • Marbled Teal • Flamingo • “Fartet“ (endemic) • Grey Mullet • Red-crested Pochard • Northern Shoveler • Common Coot • Mallard • Common Pochard • Marsh Harrier • Fishing Eagle • Heron • Seagull.

Without our work, this ecosystem would not exist, without this ecosystem we could not do our job.

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