A microscopic revolution.

Some microorganisms have adapted to the high salinity conditions of this environment, such as the species Halobacterium salinarum, from which Bras del Port has extracted Bacteriorhodopsina in the form of a high quality lyophilized purple membrane.

It is a photosensitive protein with important properties that will improve information storage and processing systems (manufacture of optical processors, 3D memories, biosensors, light energy converters in electric systems, among other uses).

In addition, the research carried out by the microbiologist Francis Mojica on the immune system of this extremophile bacteria, has led to the development of the CRISPR gene editing tool, as he called has baptized it, probably one of the most important findings of this century.


After an intense period of research, the R + D Department of Bras del Port has managed to find the optimal evaporation conditions to obtain salt crystals in the form of pyramids, giving rise to flakes and foam. Two products with an original and different texture that are the stars of the Bras del Port Gourmet range of products.

Gotas de agua con compactado de sal


In order to meet the needs of the market, Bras del Port became one of the pioneers in the production of compacted sea salt.
This compacted salt is used for one of the most important applications of salt: water softening. For this reason, the R + D department is working on the innovation of this product in order to improve the functioning of the softeners and, in this way, to extend the useful life of the household appliances.


Continuing with our philosophy of caring for and protecting our environment while exploiting natural resources, the recovery project of other salts, other than sodium chloride, was born from the brines returned to the sea, obtained after the extraction process of the salt.
In this way, we would be getting the full use of the salt pans, boosting the efficiency and promoting the circular economy.

The satisfaction of our customers is the goal, innovation is the way.

El secreto del mar en blanco