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Sea bass with prawns and Sea Salt Flakes

Main course 2 servings 25 minutes Medium difficulty Preparation: Peel the prawns leaving only the tail with shell and cook them in a little fish stock until they turn reddish and reserve them. Clean, peel and chop the leek and carrot. Sauté the vegetables with a little oil and Bras del Port Eco sea salt and add the fish stock. Cook for 10 minutes over low heat. To finish the sauce, we crush it in the blender. Lightly sauté some onion in a pan with oil. Incorporate the fillets of sea bass, add a little sea salt and lightly fry them. Add a little champagne and fish stock. Boil for 5 minutes and cover to cook with the residual heat and reserve. Put the fillets on the plate, accompany with the prawns and pour the sauce over them. Finally, we add a crispy touch with the Bras del Port Sea Salt Flakes. Ingredients (2 servings): 1 big sea bass, clean and filleted 8 king prawns 50 g leek 50 g carrot Extra virgin olive oil 100 butter 1 big onion 50 ml champagne 160 ml fish stock Pepper Bras del [...]

Chocolate rocks with Sea Salt Flakes

Dessert 2 servings 10 minutes Low difficulty Preparation: Melt the cooking chocolate over a low flame using a double boiler, or in the microwave in batches of several seconds. Add the puffed rice, make small portions with the help of a spoon and leave them on a clean bench or other nonstick surface. Sprinkle with Bras del Port Sea Salt Flakes before the chocolate solidifies. Ingredients (2 servings): 200 g dark cooking chocolate 50 g puffed rice Bras del Port Sea Salt Flakes Download the sheet of this recipe here.

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Bloody Mary with Charcoal Sea Salt Foam

Beverage 1 serving 5 minutes Low difficulty Preparation: Put a good amount of ice cubes in a large glass. Pour the vodka, controlling the amount so that it is not too strong, and continue pouring the lemon juice, a pinch of the Bras del Port Eco sea salt, the pepper, some drops of the Worcestershire sauce and the Tabasco sauce. Mix everything well using a rod or an elongated spoon and fill with tomato juice. Take a wide glass or tube and decorate the edge with the Bras del Port Sea Salt Foam with Charcoal. Add a piece of celery and a slice of lemon and serve it cold. Ingredients (1 serving): Ices cubes 40 ml vodka 150 ml tomato juice 15 ml lemon juice Worcestershire sauce Tabasco sauce Ground black pepper Bras del Port Eco fine sea salt Bras del Port Charcoal Sea Salt Foam Download the sheet of this recipe here.

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Bras del Port participates in Organic Food Iberia

Bras del Port presented its organic sea salt foam during the first edition of the Organic Food Iberia professional salon. On June 6 and 7 the first edition of the Organic Food Iberia fair took place at IFEMA (Madrid). This show was created with the intention of bringing together numerous producers of the agri-food and wine industry. At the same time, Eco Living Iberia brought together producers of natural cosmetics, cleaning and home care, as well as eco and sustainable fashion. Bras del Port was present at this event with its broad line of organic salts. It is worth mentioning the presentation as a recent innovation of our certified organic sea salt foam. It is a unique sea salt in the world that is characterized by its low density. It is incredibly light, has a hollow and spongy grain, full of air so it melts on the palate providing a subtle salty. Its use is recommended in the plating phase, just before serving, to accompany all kinds of vegetables, meats, fish, pates and even sweet recipes, such as chocolates with a touch of salt. In addition, it has recently been awarded 2 gold stars in the prestigious ‘Superior Taste [...]

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‘Superior Taste Awards’ distinguish fine salts of Bras del Port

Bras del Port flakes and sea salt foam have been awarded two gold stars at the ‘Superior Taste Awards’ in Brussels. Both sea salt flakes and sea salt foam from Bras del Port have achieved, in their first participation, two stars in the 'Superior Taste Awards' organized by the 'International Taste Institute' (Institute International Flavor) from Brussels. This prestigious gastronomic organization brings together the best chefs and sommeliers in the world every year to choose the best food products. In fact, these awards are popularly known as the Michel Michelin stars ’of food and drinks. You can check the list of winners of this 2019 here. During this year's edition, the exquisiteness of Bras del Port sea salt flakes and the uniqueness and delicacy of Bras del Port sea salt foam (both in their natural variety) have been recognized, adding a total of 4 stars of gold, 2 stars for each of our varieties of gourmet salt. These gold stars accredit the exceptional nature of the outstanding products and are obtained as a result of blind tastings by renowned chefs and under a very rigorous sensory analysis process. The distinctions are granted when the products obtain a minimum score [...]

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We are ‘Innovative SME’.

Bras del Port has obtained the ‘Innovative SME’ seal awarded by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities that publicly recognizes the innovative nature of companies. In this way, this badge implies the value of these small and medium-sized companies that, during the last years, have carried out accredited activities in the R & D area​​. Research, development and innovation have become, in a very short time, the cornerstone in Bras del Port's philosophy. Responding to an increasingly demanding market, we focus our efforts towards the diversification of our product to achieve endless applications. Proof of this is the support of the CDTI (Center for Industrial Technological Development), through its financing program and support for the proposals of R & D of Spanish companies, to an important national project that we are currently developing in Bras del Port.

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Bras del Port will be at Alimentaria 2018

In Bras del Port we did not want to miss this new edition of Alimentaria, a fair of national and international reference in the food sector. We already have our booth ready where we will show our renewed line of Gourmet products, starring our flakes and sea salt foams. We will also present our new line of organic salt, certified by the Spanish entity INTERECO. We have wet and dry ecological marine salts, as well as organic sea salt flake. See you in Barcelona in a few hours to inaugurate Alimentaria 2018. Stand C393.

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