‘Superior Taste Awards’ distinguish fine salts of Bras del Port

Bras del Port flakes and sea salt foam have been awarded two gold stars at the ‘Superior Taste Awards’ in Brussels. Both sea salt flakes and sea salt foam from Bras del Port have achieved, in their first participation, two stars in the 'Superior Taste Awards' organized by the 'International Taste Institute' (Institute International Flavor) from Brussels. This prestigious gastronomic organization brings together the best chefs and sommeliers in the world every year to choose the best food products. In fact, these awards are popularly known as the Michel Michelin stars ’of food and drinks. You can check the list of winners of this 2019 here. During this year's edition, the exquisiteness of Bras del Port sea salt flakes and the uniqueness and delicacy of Bras del Port sea salt foam (both in their natural variety) have been recognized, adding a total of 4 stars of gold, 2 stars for each of our varieties of gourmet salt. These gold stars accredit the exceptional nature of the outstanding products and are obtained as a result of blind tastings by renowned chefs and under a very rigorous sensory analysis process. The distinctions are granted when the products obtain a minimum score [...]