Cod tartare with Ginger and Smoke Sea Salt Flakes

Main course 4 servings 25 minutes Medium difficulty Preparation: Mix the salt with the sugar and cover the cod loins for 4 hours to make a semi-salting. After this time wash them and dry. Chop all the ingredients very fine, mix them well and dress with oil and Bras del Port Eco sea salt. The crunchy “tile”: Mix the oil, flour, water and salt and place a small amount in a nonstick frying pan. Leave it on medium heat until it turns a golden color, at that point remove it and let it cool. The orange sauce: Take the orange to make a little orange zest and after that squeeze it. Strain the juice obtained and put it on the fire. Then add the sugar, cornstarch, oil and zest and as soon as it boils remove and cool it. Presentation: We place a portion of tartare in the center of the plate with the help of a ring mold and decorate with the orange sauce. To finish, pour a little oil over, add the Bras del Port Ginger and Woodsmoke Sea Salt Flakes and place the crispy tile. Ingredients (4 [...]