Mushroom risotto with Red Wine Sea Salt Foam

Main course 4 servings 35 minutes Medium difficulty Preparation: Clean the mushrooms and chop them. Then chop the onion very thin. Melt 60 g of butter in a casserole, add the onion and part of the boletus and cook until the onion is soft without letting it brown. Add the rice over a high heat and stir, pour the red wine and bring to a boil while stirring. Let the wine reduce a couple of minutes and pour the chicken stock stirring well. Season the risotto with the Bras del Port Eco sea salt, pepper and saffron. Let it cook for 12-15 minutes (according to instructions given by the rice manufacturer). Mix with the rest of the butter and grated Parmesan cheese and remove from heat. On the other hand, sauté the rest of mushrooms and sprinkle with the chopped parsley. Place the risotto in the bottom of a soup plate and put the mushrooms on top. Finally add the Bras del Port Red Wine Sea Salt Foam. Ingredients (4 servings): 300 g mushrooms 130 g onion 60 g butter 300 g risotto rice 800 ml chicken stock 150 ml [...]

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Chocolate ganache toast and sea salt foam

Dessert 4 servings 20 minutes Medium difficulty Preparation: Hydrate the jelly leaf in a bowl with water. Preparation of chocolate ganache: Heat the cream together with the orange zest, the cinnamon stick and the brandy. Add the gelatin, remove the cinnamon and mix well. Pour the cooking chocolate and beat it until it is homogeneous. We reserve and cool in the fridge until it thickens. Cut the bread into slices of approximately 1 cm thick, paint them with butter and mark them in a pan to lightly toast them. Place a quenelle * of ganaché on the toast, sprinkle with a bit of orange zest and with the Bras del Port Sea Salt Foam. *A quenelle is a perfectly smooth, rugby-ball scoop of any soft food which is achieved using one or two spoons, previously dipped in hot water. Ingredients (4 servings): 4 brioche bread slices 200 ml cream 300 g de cooking chocolate Orange zest 100 ml brandy Cinnamon stick 1 jelly leaf Butter Bras del Port Sea Salt Foam Download the sheet of this recipe here.

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