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A few decades ago, the first household appliances began to arrive in our homes, making it easier to carry out a large number of household tasks that would require much more time if we had to do them “by hand”. Over the years, some like the washing machine, the fridge or the dishwasher have become essential in our kitchens. For this reason, and since they represent a significant investment, it is necessary to take care of them and provide them with proper maintenance to maximize their useful life. In this post we present you our dishwasher salt, one of the products that can help you extend the life of this appliance.

The role of dishwasher salt

To understand why we must supply sea salt in our dishwasher we must first know the concept of “hard water” and “soft water”. The hardness of the water is determined by the amount of minerals it contains, in particular calcium and magnesium. When the concentration of these minerals is high, it is considered that the water is hard and, on the contrary, given a low concentration, we would speak of soft water.

In this way, the dishwasher salt is especially suitable for those places where the water has a greater hardness. Therefore, to improve the care of your dishwasher it is important that you know the specific levels of your city. To do this, you can ask your water supply company.

All dishwashers have a small softener, a device that “softens” the water, removing calcium and magnesium, thanks to salt. Therefore, dishwasher salt is of great importance since it prevents lime deposits (which give a dirty appearance) and adds shine to dishes and glassware. In addition, by avoiding fouling in the resistance and the ducts, it guarantees the efficiency of the machine by minimizing detergent and energy consumption. Ultimately, all of this translates into greater dishwasher longevity and savings in the long run for domestic economies.

About the dosage of salt for dishwashers
First of all, it is important that you add the dishwasher salt just before starting the washing program, always following the manufacturer’s instructions. Normally salt is usually added in a tank located in the base of the dishwasher, generally on the left side. Most models include a funnel that makes it easy to add salt. Remember to close the lid of the salt tank well to prevent it from coming out during washing.

Advantages of Bras del Port organic dishwasher salt

At Bras del Port we not only produce gourmet salt to accompany all your recipes. Among our products you can also find organic sea salt. What are its benefits?

  • Allows you to combat lime and water stains on your dishes and glassware.
  • It is 100% composed of natural sea salt.
  • Thanks to its high purity, it does not contain additives that can spoil your dishwasher such as anti-caking agents or other substances.
  • Its coarse grain guarantees its slow dissolution. If we use fine, common salt, it would dissolve very quickly and collapse the ducts, preventing its proper functioning.
  • Finally, thanks to its low humidity and its convenient dosing box, the salt flows very well in the tank and makes filling easier.